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Medical Detox in South Carolina


Most often taking place under the careful guidance and watchful eye of a highly trained health care team and supervising physician, medical detoxification is the process by which an addicted person safely and systematically withdraws from drugs or alcohol. With continued use, the abuse of substances like alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs can create changes in brain chemistry and a physical dependence. Suddenly ceasing to use these substances after an addiction has been formed often results in severe and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox in South Carolina is designed to treat the physical effects of quitting and withdrawing from substance abuse, all while purging the chemicals and toxins left behind in your system from their long-term use.

Like the rest of the country, South Carolina’s drug trends are displaying frightening statistics. According to South Carolina’s Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS) crack cocaine and methamphetamine are growing concerns throughout the state, with prescription drug abuse arrests and hospitalizations and heroin abuse showing significant increases, as well. Additionally, young tourists frequenting beach areas during summer months often bring a large variety of drugs with them, particularly MDMA (and other Ecstasy-type drugs) leading to much higher crime and accident rates during the tourist seasons, according to recent studies by the National Drug Intelligence Center.

As only one of several steps on the sometimes difficult road to sobriety and recovery, detoxification can take any one of several forms. It’s often considered the most important element in the rehabilitation process.

Outpatient Medical Detox

If your history with addiction isn’t as lengthy or severe as some, and if you feel that you’re otherwise physically healthy enough to handle the often intense effects of withdrawal symptoms and aftercare, then outpatient medical drug or alcohol detox might be a good choice for you. Safe and often very effective, traditional outpatient detoxification usually takes between one and three weeks, from which point you can then begin the rest of the medical appointments, therapy, counseling, and other procedures involved in rehabilitation.

Another kind of outpatient detox is geared towards patients struggling to overcome a more intense kind of opiate problem–especially those dealing with a methamphetamine addiction. Methadone detox is a slower tapering system. As such, it often takes 3-4 weeks for a single cycle, and often requires more than one cycle of treatment.

Inpatient Medical Detox

For those with long term histories of drug or alcohol addiction and dependency, or those with another significant physical condition or illness, inpatient medical detox in South Carolina may be a better alternative for beginning the intensive rehabilitation process. Inpatient detox facilities are also often a better choice for those suffering from a dual diagnosis (those whose struggles with addiction disorders are compounded by a mental illness or mood disorder.)

A fully supervised, 24-hour a day live-in facility, inpatient medical drug detoxification centers in South Carolina have qualified medical staff available at all times to help with the intense and often overwhelming side effects of withdrawal. Ideal for patients who are most at risk for the dangers of withdrawals–those who have been using for the longest time, those with another serious physical, mental or emotional illness or disorder, or those without a safe and comfortable place to get clean–this type of 24 hour detox facility offers a slower paced taper off of drugs or alcohol.

In addition, a gradual replacement medication is administered in decreasing increments until the patient can be safely removed from all substances altogether. Aftercare programs, therapy, and counseling are often offered as part of continuing rehabilitation at many of these inpatient detox facilities.

Explore Your Options

If you’re in the South Carolina area, you have several options in medical drug detox treatments to choose from. Make a choice to step away from your addiction and live a fulfilling and extraordinary life.